HD Portable Radios



HD Portable Radios are one way for you to experience HD Digital Radio, which is the much anticipated upgrade to the way AM and FM radio signals are transmitted. 

Use your $50 HD Radio rebate towards your next HD Portable radio.

Radio is now being transmitted using digital signals, and the quality of radio is greatly improved if you have the necessary equipment. You can purchase HD portable radios, converters, and HD car radios. Best of all, like both current analog FM and AM radio, HD Radio broadcasts are free to the public.

For listeners who own a HD portable radio receiver, the benefits are many and include.

-The ability to experience digital, CD quality sound on your FM radio station from your portable radio.
-AM radio will sound as good, if not better, then your traditional FM.
-There is no longer any static, fades, crackles, or pops on your radio.
-Receive transmission of additional information, including artists names and song titles.
-You will have increased listening options with your HD radio portable with multicasting as well.

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You can find obtain additional HD Radio reviews, including reviews of HD portable radios, including the new Coby HDR-700 Portable HD Radio.










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